Mini African Market Basket | 7"-9"

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African Market Basket - Ghana Bolga market basket makes a great gift basket!These baskets are a traditional shape from the Bolgatanga region of Northern Ghana. Artisans in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana weave these beautiful and durable baskets from thick, tough elephant grass. Bolga basket is a very popular size for children, green shoppers, busy mothers and picnic planners worldwide. Handwoven in Ghana made from local elephant grass. Each basket is one of a kind, in a unique pattern, and the leather wrapped handle adds to the durability. Incredibly sturdy and versatile basket is the perfect home accessory, plant pot, toy basket, Easter egg basket, or market basket.  Please note: If purchase on it's own and requires shipping,  these baskets are flattened to reduce postage costs.  This does not harm them in any way, and simple instructions on how to reshape the baskets are included, once wet they pretty much bounce back to the original shape with a little help from you.


 Dye Free | 7"-9" Across